Task 1 – Video for Interactive Media: What You Need to Know Write a blog article on how designers use digital video technology to enhance a user’s interactive experience on different delivery platforms. The article must cover: §  Applications such as Short films, Promos, Trailers, viral marketing, Virtual reality tours, games, e-learning; platforms such as the web, disc, kiosk, and mobile devices Technology as relevant to each application – compression, file formats, streaming, data transfer rate, HD, SD, aspect ratio, different media players, Digital rights management systems.


  • Technical Issues related to different platforms.
    • Tablet/IPad – Phone – PC/MAC – TV – Cinema
  • Technical issues related to file format and size
  • Why use video online
  • mention kinds of user generated content

Technology is changing and its changing fast. We can now communicate with people from all over the globe in an instant, you can now watch things in HD, 3D and we now have 4k resolution TV’s. Video has also come a long way the past years. The way we can watch things has change. We can stream and download in anything ranging from 180 – 1080(p/i) and on many different platforms. The likes of Amazon Prime, Netflix, Now TV enable us to do this. Technology has change education too. We are now able to use the internet, computers, tablet, interactive smart boards, ipads and tablets to aid our eduction and not just for entertainment. Internet connection have changed too, we now have wireless as well super fast fibre optic which vastly enhances internet connection speeds.


Short films:

There are websites that allow us to share and watch shortfilms such as Youtube and Vimeo (vimeo being used more proffesionally than Youtube). These sights have share, comment and like buttons and are connected to other websites of similar types. You will often find when you click share you have link to share with the likes of Facebook, soundcloud, vimeo, youtube, blogging site, company websites, and the list goes on. The likes of Sky now have services where you can purchase films and TV box set on the TV so that you can download them through your Sky box Sky and they will also send you a hard copy of what you have purchased. There is just so much available at your finger tips. You can get things like this on the move as you can stream and download to thones, tablets, ipads and laptops since we now have 3G as well as 4G internet connections on these devices (they are currently working on 5G).

Promotional Materials:

You can find promotional materials all over the internet. Mainly on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Youtube and Vimeo. The internet is so bombarded by adverts now and networking has become so easy that many companies are now becoming more internet based.

On Youtube you will usually find an advert before being able to view your video, this is because the Youtuber has agreed with Youtube to put an advert on their material in order to gain money through views and advertisement. You can purchase advertising space on youtube at various levels. If you pay a higher sum you can get non skippable adverts where as many you have to wait 5 seconds in order to skip.

Trailers for films:

This is a kind of advertisement for a film. These are used to entice the viewer into actively going out and paying to watch a film either by buying a copy of it digitally or on DVD or going out to watch it in Cinema’s of which we now have the likes of IMAX and IMAX 3D (IMAX is “a technique of widescreen cinematography which produces an image approximately ten times larger than that from standard 35 mm film.”) Film trailers can be viewed on the likes of Youtube and fan websites. Films are now making their own websites such as http://www.godzillamovie.com/. With the ability to comment like and share we can now distribute these trailers and participate in discussions with other fans and critics about films. Websites now have the ability to monitor what sort of things you like in order to suggest things that would interest you so if you were to go onto youtube and watch an action trailer you will get suggestions to other things relevant to what you have been watching.


User-generated content, Viral Marketing:

A term we commonly see is ‘Viral’. Many videos which are created and uploaded have the chance to go viral with ease due to the sharing facilities we now have. Companies have made videos and sneakily added their product in them in order for easy advertisement. A good example of this is Cadbury’s. Here’s a link to an article and the video.

Virtual Reality Tours:

There is a website called http://www.youvisit.com which enables people to ‘visit’ places all other the world from within your house. This can give you a feel of the destination of your choice without actually going anywhere.


Gaming has changed a lot now too. Artificial Intelligence has been vastly improves which improves gameplay. In recent games the way you can play has changed. You have the option to change the storylines based on the decisions you make in the game. (different decisions different outcome). You can record and edit clips from games with a capture card for consoles and software for PC’s and Mac’s. You can share them on Youtube and get comments, feedback, tips, discussions from doing so with the aid the internet.


E-Learn is a way to learn about various subjects. It allows anyone wanting to learn to learn at their own pace. http://www.e-learningforkids.org is a website that kids can use in order to learn through fun educational games and assignments. Using educational games is a way to help kids learn whilst they have fun.

Mobile Devices and Web Browsers:

Smart Phone or android phones are portable phones. However you can now access internet, emails, games, book, apps, maps. You can get just about everything on your phone thanks to the internet. Phones are now customisable.

Search engines such as Google, Safari, Bing and Firefox have web browsers which enables us to have access to the internet.