CCB Sustainable Events Exhibition:

This was in in college event that was filmed by the class and a short 5 minute edit was delivered to the client.

The video consisted of:

  • Filming of an event – (b-roll) – action shots.
  • Expertse / Representatives talking to the camera (interview – talking head)
  • Titles & Graphics (Graphs/Stats) – informative
  • Give website(s) / Contact Info

Life of an Apprentice – by a company called SeeThat

This was a video made for City College Brighton and Hove to explain to interesterd parties about what the apprenticships scheme is about for potential apprentices. This video consisted of:

  • Green Screen for interviewees
  • Titles/Motion Graphic/Kinetic Typography to say who they are and underlining key points
  • Shot composition obeyed Rules of Thirds
  • High key lighting
  • Persistent sound level – dry sound (all the dialogue was easy to hear).

Journey Never Stops:

This was an American Express campaign which was to sell the idea of american express as a brand saying that its for everyone, the film consists of:

  • Use of celebrities
  • uplifting piano orchestrated music doesnt interupt the voice over
  • lots of lense flair, depth of field, crisp footage that looks ‘a bit hollywood’ – super wide angle shots, soft colouring
  • Lots of story
  • Titles

A marketing strategy that is used by company’s and businesses use to promote themselves would be a promotional video. This is to show potential consumers what they could do for them. There has to be a strong clear message in promotional videos and has to be aimed at the appropriate target audience. Precision is important in a promotional video because it will keep the attention of the target audience.

Production Practices

You will liase with the client and develope idea’s. After this you will usually propose your final idea to which when approved you will need to storyboard the idea and create a script and shooting script. Once this is done you should create a schedule and research and complete necesarry health and safety documents.

Codes and Conventions

Interviews & Customer Opinions
You can interview customers to find out their opinions. A customers opinion is usually a good thing as its practically a review of the service. You should show positive feedback and responses as it is very persuasive since the audience are potential customers.
Voice over
A lot of promotional video’s use voice overs to get the audiences attention. This usually replaces music but some videos have quiet music in the background however you should be careful not to drown out the voice with the music. Voice overs are also useful because it enables blind people to understand the promotional video wihtout making a seperate video for them so that can same time and resources.
Shots & Lighting
Having a good shot variation is better because they havent already seen it so every shot is different, but repeating shots is still fairly common. Having a still camera is very boring to watch so varying the shot type will make it more interesting to watch, this could simply be including some fluid moving shots from various different angles inbetween still camera shots. The motion of the camera can depend on what type of promotional or corprate video you are making, but most are slow and smooth which makes it easier to edit.
Its important to have a bright well lit video. Having a bright environments are more appealing to the eye than dark dull environments.
Titles, Transitions and effects
Titles are useful to display the names of the interviewee’s. Its best to maintain the same font throughout the video as it looks neater and more proffessional. Using visual effects and fluent transitions also helps make the video look the part and adds to the flow of the video.


Promotional video’s tend not to be longer than 6 minutes maximum. Its important to not bore your audience so keep them engaged and interested throughout the video.


Having some environment sounds can be useful for making the video more interesting, because without them it can be very dull and boring to watch. You should be careful to not drown out voice overs with these sounds.


Research into the target audience is a very important thing as it enables you to make a video in a style that will draw the viewers attention and can get the message of the corprate or promotional video across better. Research can also help you to not plagarise or breech copyright.

Equipment you’ll need


Obviously you’ll need a camera, fairly obvious you’ll need one because if you dont have one you wont have any video at all.

Since the standards have risen a lot recently camera’s are expected to shoot in HD. Even low budget productions must look slick. You should have a vairety of lenses at your disposal.

Tripod(s), Dollies and Cranes (possibly)

Tripods stop the shot looking shakey. Shakey shots are harder to edit. Dollies enable smooth moving shots and cranes help you get shots from higher up and again give smooth fluid shots. You might not need a crane but depending on the style/type of video you are making you might need one. These types of equipment make the video you are making look professional which is very important in promotional and corprate video’s


If you’re filming outside you are better off with a boom mic due to the attachments you have such as the ‘deadcat’ which stops the sound being ruined by wind etc.

If you’re filming inside using a radio mic can be useful for recording voices. Its a lot easier to use these than a boom mic (also saves a crew member which you’d need to pay for their times and operation).

A working computer with editing software

A working computer is required to upload the footage and to edit the footage with. You’ll need some kind of editing software such as Adobe. The final edit should be HD and on file however people may ask for it on CD.

Ethical issues and considerations

Most promotional and corprate video’s use actors or interviewee’s from different ethinic backgrounds to show the fact they dont discriminate and for company image. Using actors of both genders is also popular in corprate and promotional video’s.

Inclusion of violence, sexual content and abuse you need to be very careful with. Including such things can get the video banned and may cause offence to the viewer. Ofcom ban any video’s that have abuse in it as some viewers may have experienced abuse first hand and may be distress or unsettled by it. In terms of violence, younger viewers copy what they see on TV so be careful what you include when you are promoting. Sexual content is inapropriate for young viewers therefor Ofcom tend to ban promotional/corprate/advert video’s with inapropriate sexual content.

Legal Issues


You need to have contracts for everyone who will be in the promotional/corprate video. This is a written document that proves that they have given permission to be in it. You cant simply film people without their consent


You cant make another company or person look bad. If you do this you will most likely have legal actions taken against you.


You need permission to use certain music and trademarks. You can credit someone’s work, buy the copyright or pay a fee to use copyrighted music. You cant use brands without permission either. You need to contact people that can give permission to include brand in your advert.